Russia St Petersburg Architecture Church Church of St Panteleimonos

Church of St Panteleimonos

A wooden Chapel of St Panteleimonos the Healer and Great Martyr was built at the Particular Shipyard (1718) to celebrate the Russian naval victories over Sweden at the Battle of Hangö (1714) and Battle of Granhamn (1720), which took place on 27 July (Old Style), the saint’s feast day. Replaced by a timber-frame church (1722) and a stone church with one cupola and a bell-tower designed by Ivan Korobov (1735–39). Partially reconstructed by Vincenzo Beretti (1834–35). Facade decorated with marble reliefs sculpted by Alexander Loganovsky (1840s). Memorial boards installed on the facade list the regiments which fought at Hangö and Granhamn (1914).

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