Russia St Petersburg Architecture Shipyard Galerny (Galley) Shipyard

Galerny (Galley) Shipyard

Founded on Admiralty Island downstream the River Neva (1712). Construction of vessels – first rowing boats and small sailing ships and later frigates – began on nearby Galerny (Kalinkin) Island at the mouth of the River Fontanka (1724). All shipbuilding work was gradually transferred from the Admiralty Shipyard to the Galerny Shipyard, which was renamed the New Admiralty (1800s). Built cannon boats defending the capital from enemy ships during the Crimean War (1853–56). Refitted to build armour-clad cruisers (early 1860s). Launched the country’s first ironclad cruiser called Peter the Great (1873) and steel cruiser called the Rynda (1885). The New Admiralty was merged with the shipyard on Galerny Island to form the Admiralty Shipyards (1908).

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