Birch Grove

Artist: Arkhip Kuinji
Date: 1879
Media: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 97 x 181 cm
Ownership: Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Birch Grove


In the 1870s, Arkhip Kuinji passed through a period of interest in Impressionism, especially the questions of light and recording rare states of nature. However, this particular canvas, which depicts the white trunks of birch trees on either side of a stream, against a dark-green forest, is stylistically closer to works of Art Nouveau.

Kuinji’s painting influenced the further development of Impressionist tendencies in Russian art. The artist’s students and a group of SymbolistsNicholas Roerich, Konstantin Bogayevsky and Ferdinand Ruschitz – consequently worked in the Impressionist styles of Arkady Rylov and Nikolaos Chimonas.

Modello: Birch Grove (1879, Russian Museum, St Petersburg)

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